Who We Are

Leaf Monk is a holistic personal care brand rooted In the wisdom of the ancient Ayurvedic science of healing and wellness.

We believe beauty should not be at the expense of one's health. We at Leaf Monk, thus aim to address this concern with one of the oldest, most trusted medical systems in the world — Ayurveda. Roughly translated as the ‘Science of Life’, this naturopathic system of healthcare offers holistic wellness for body and mind.

Our Values


Holistic Natural Deep rooted

Our products are rooted in the wisdom of the ancient Ayurvedic science of healing and wellness. Each ingredient is carefully derived from nature to offer a holistic treatment that relieves the body and skin of everyday concerns.


Cautious Conscious Sensible

In our endeavor to bring to you nature-inspired skincare and hair care, we ensure that no harm is brought to Mother Earth or her many inhabitants. We believe in the cautious gathering of only those ingredients that make sense to us.


Continual Renewable Viable

At Leaf Monk, we embrace the philosophy of sustainability every step of the way, from manufacturing to packaging of the product. We believe in continually giving back to planet Earth for everything she has given to us.

Why Leaf Monk?

Our approach to wellness is simple and holistic in both word and deed. Our on-site Ayurveda Experts first understand the skin & health concerns of every individual, diagnose the underlying conditions that cause it, and then suggest remedial products that target the root of the problem in order to provide holistic healing that lasts. In the process, we wish to empower the consumer with the knowledge of Ayurvedic ingredients, their benefits and usage, in the simplest of terms.

We are transparent in what we create. Through our packaging we ensure we communicate the complete ingredient list to our customers so they are well-informed of what goes into the products they use.

In our endeavour to ensure that all our products are pure, fresh, seasonal, and natural, we control the manufacturing process as well, thereby ensuring quality & purity across all pillars. We use this philosophy to produce our line of treatments and our certifications attest to this.

Our Certifications